Commission Information

Commission Information

The information below should not be skimmed. Every part of it is important. Please take the time to read and understand it to avoid misunderstanding and conflict.

  • No Requests
  • No Art Trades
  • No Point Commissions
  • No "Join My Team" Requests

Messages/Email on any of the above will be ignored. I only take PAID commissions (where you pay me money and I draw you a picture). Any message that doesn't sound like a commission will also be ignored.

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The Process

  1. Send me the details on what you want including any references.
  2. I'll give you a price. If you accept, I require a 50% deposit through paypal before I start. I also accept full payments.
  3. Once I receive your deposit, I'll work on a sketch and send it to you. If you approve, I'll finish it.
  4. If there are no issues with the finished picture, you pay the rest of the balance if there is any.

Important Things:

  • If I can not take your commission for any reason, it does not mean I owe you one in the future.
  • Do not send me money on a commission without asking. Ask me if I'll accept your commission first.
  • I only work on a commission by commission basis. If you need more than one picture, they will have to be priced and done individually.
  • Please do not commission anything unless you have the funds for it so take your time. I'll still be here.
  • Excessive changes to the sketch is severely frowned upon. Make sure you know what you want to prevent wasting both time and effort.
  • Once sketch is approved, changes will be very limited depending on progress of the picture. You should not have any issues with the picture after sketch approval. It is to my discretion whether or not I will allow changes after sketch approval and any extra work to do so may incur an additional fee.
  • Do not send me numerous messages requesting a picture's progress, especially after I give you an estimate of when it will be finished. Rushing me only makes me delay your picture.
  • Yes, I do existing characters from other franchises (ie Bugs Bunny, Minerva Mink, etc.). This may cost extra depending on the character.
  • Yes, I do OCs. You must have references.
  • References on characters, posing, backgrounds and anything you want to replicate should be sent BEFORE work on a sketch is started.
  • NSFW: Yes, I do them but depends on type & subject matter.
  • I am not obligated to post finished commissions to my gallery. It is your idea and your image but you are free to post it to your own gallery.
  • Pictures will be done in the same style you see in most of my recent pictures. Do not ask for styles on older pictures.
  • There is to be no deadline. However long I take to complete it is however long I take but not unreasonably long. Upon deposit or approval, I don't drop everything to start. I do have other obligations during the day. If you don't hear from me, it's either not finished or I'm dead. If there are any issues, I'll contact you.
  • If you have a picture someone else drawn/sketched and you want me to color it in, I will most likely have to redraw it and will not have any reduction in price. I also take no responsibility if the original artist(s) does not allow you to use their work in any shape or form. I'll assume you have acquired the appropriate permission(s).


Prices vary from picture to picture. It usually ranges from $30 to $70. These prices are more geared towards MLP. It'll be more if you order something like a NSFW furry or an anthro picture. I'll only be able to give you a price once you tell me what you want. Some examples on prices are below:

  • 1 character on white or simple background is usually $30
  • 2 characters on white or simple background is usually $40
  • An additional character is usually an additional $10
  • Complex backgrounds or elements (buildings, anything architectural, anything that requires a lot of detail, anything structural) is usually an additional $10
  • Comics are a lot of work and time so expect prices to be high

If your commission matches one of the above criteria, it does not mean it will be that price. If I feel the commission involves more complex elements and/or takes more time/effort to complete, the price will be different from the usual price to compensate for the work.

Please use the contact page if you want a commission or have further questions not answered here.