Patreon Information

Patreon Information


If you show your support on Patreon, you will get to see some artwork early and get access to certain things such as work in progress art, sketches, random doodles, stream notifications and recordings and access to polls to vote on future content. Go to and pledge your support!

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What is this Patreon I keep hearing?

Patreon is a place where people can support content creators for what they do. Usually, creators offer rewards for patrons who support them on a month by month basis.

So they’re holding their content hostage for people’s money?

You can look at it that way if you want to be cynical. Patreon isn’t just about what you get if you pledge some money to a creator. It’s about supporting the creator for what he/she does so he/she can continue doing the things he/she and you like. The rewards are for patrons who show their support. It’s hard to convince people that it’s not all about the rewards but unfortunately it is all about the rewards to most. Some of the content that I reward patrons will eventually be posted publicly. There will be some exclusivity by default (more on exclusive content below).

Exclusive? So you are putting your stuff behind a paywall!

Some content will be exclusive by default. All the rewards are marked for public release after at least two weeks from when patrons received them. I'm not saying "you're not a patron so you're not going to see it". I want as many people to see my art. The main reason for not releasing a picture is because I feel it's not finished or not drawn to what I had intended. If it needs corrections or if I feel it wasn't a good enough picture, I don't post it. Since a picture like that is not going to get posted, the non patron public doesn't see it and it's exclusive by default.

I don’t want to hear your excuses. You’re a sellout!

If Patreon didn't exist, the content I create wouldn't get posted all at once anyway. None of the rewards are exclusive so they'll all get posted eventually unless I feel it's not a satisfactory picture. I do it to gain more support from followers. The less I have to worry about my financial problems, the more pretty pictures I can create for you all. If you look at it a different way, you may call me a sellout for offering commissions.

Still not convinced you greedy bastid!

There’s the door, go somewhere else. If you were in my shoes, you would do the same thing. I use to have the mentality of a pirate where I thought everything on the internet should be free. These days, that only applies to mainstream drudgery. I’m more inclined to shell out my money for indies and the little people because they do much better work with their hearts set on what they love to do and not just monetary gain. If you like what a creator does and you enjoy their work to a significant degree, you should show your support, if not for monetary support, then for moral support.

I strongly disagree with artists creating NSFW content for money and they’re wasting their talent.

Patreon has the potential to allow me to step away from commissions where most of the time, I’m drawing something that my heart is not set on because it’s other people’s ideas. I’ve said previously that I have no problems doing NSFW so I’m not just doing it for money. With Patreon, I can choose what to draw and I can enjoy it. Also, I can start doing more anthros which will help better myself in drawing the human body. About not being recognized for my talent, I’ve tried doing it professionally and I’ve hated it. I had to devote my life to doing others’ projects which was prone to failure. I call that a waste of talent and that had everything to do with money. I’ve seen many artists out there creating NSFW content and are recognized for their talent much more than I am. Basically, what I’m doing IS something I want to do and if I’m getting financial support for it, it’s a win-win situation. Of course, if I have to worry about financial responsibility, I can’t do what I want to do because either I’ll be wasting my life working for someone else or I starve to death.

I’m sorry but I can’t see pass the dollar sign you’re putting on your art.

I wish we didn’t live in a world where money is the driving force for humankind. Unfortunately, we all have bills to pay and I’m no exception. I want nothing more than to spend everyday creating content so I can share it with the world. I have a part time job and every second that I’m not in front of the tablet, I feel that I’m wasting time by not being in front of it. Even sleep is something that I want to avoid but unfortunately, that and my health forces priorities.

I work hard for my money. I don't want you to guilt trip me by your sad stories.

You are not obligated to pledge, donate or give me any of your money in any way. It is 100% your choice and you should worry about your own financial situation first.

I don’t like you anymore.

That’s fine with me. You are free to go somewhere else. I know I can’t please everyone.

What prevents someone from reuploading rewards elsewhere?

Nothing. Again, for anyone not showing their support, all they have to do is wait. Most of the content will be uploaded given enough time. It only takes dollar a month to see most of it. You have more than that in your couch cushion. A bottle of soda costs more than that. A panhandler gets more than that in a day. Even if these rewards are not for Patreon, I spread out releases of finished artwork. If some bad egg doesn’t think I deserve the support and takes it upon itself to reupload or repost links somewhere else, they’ll only be hurting others because if that gets out of hand, I will discontinue content for Patreon. If it isn't for Patreon, most of the content I do per month for it would never get done anyway.

So all I have to do is wait?

You can if you want to but that's not the reason for using Patreon. If you like the artwork, please show your support so you can see more of it. Please note that in the past, it has taken over a month to post all the content publicly for my work assuming I feel it's a good picture to post.

How can I see past rewards?

You can see past rewards if you pledge to the blog access tier. Posting them anywhere else will result in incomplete packs because some pictures are not ready or not good enough to be posted. You can also see them on this website. Please note since this is not the blog, some packs will be incomplete.

Can I buy past rewards?

Not at this time

I'm paranoid that my information will get stolen because of Patreon's first hack

If they haven't learned a lesson from the first hack, then shame on them. Email addresses are dead easy to get including temporary ones that can expire after some time. Gift cards are easy to get including using Paypal to pledge. Obviously, different passwords can be used that's different than the accounts you care about.